Curriculum Plan
See Attachments for Curriculum Maps. Please note that this map is a guide, so we may be working ahead or behind the intended schedule.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students are capable of learning.  One of my favorite parts of teaching is that "a-ha" moment, when something a student is learning finally clicks!  I like to teach in ways that help students with all different learning styles, so we learn new things in lots of different ways.  I believe communication is very important and I have an open door policy, so please come to be with any questions or concerns you have regarding your child's education!

Classroom Management

Our classroom has five rules;
1) We listen to the teachers
2) We help keep our classroom clean
3) We are nice to others
4) We play safely
5) We always try our best

We follow the same school wide behavior management program. We have a clip chart in our classroom and everyday, each student starts on green. If, after a warning, a classroom rule continues to be broken, the child will clip down to yellow and be reminded of the rule. If the rule continues to be broken, the child will be clipped down to orange and sit in the think seat for three minutes. We will then talk again about the rules and the choice that was made. If the rules continue to be broken, the child will clip down to red and will sit in the think seat as well as a parent contact.

If the child makes exceptional choices throughout the day, they will clip up to purple and pink. If the child clips up to purple, they will get a sticker and if the child clips up to pink, they will get a superstar crown. Daily behavior is logged on your child's behavior calendar in the back of their folder each day.

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